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Introduction to LwICT

This WIKI supports educators as they learn about Literacy with ICT.

Anyone wanting to use it to facilitate workshops with new teachers may do so by following the suggested content of Agenda or customizing it to suit their needs.

For more resources to support implementation of LwICT, please follow the links below.

Manitoba Education Resources to Support Implementation of Literacy with ICT

Manitoba Education Website: Literacy with Information and Communication Technology

WIKIs: Overview of and Access to WIKIs That Support the Implementation of LwICT

Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum

Blog. A Forum Where LwICT Practitioners Can Provide Feedback

Literacy with ICT

Ning. A Social Networking Space Where Practitioners of LwICT can Access Pertinent Information and Post to a Discussion Forum

Literacy with ICT

Social Bookmarking. A Database of Articles and Research That Support LwICT